Monday, 6 May 2013

Series Update

"Out Of Control": Scene 1
(Featuring the latest model: Nanette and Vanessa)

After a nasty divorce from a rich Hollywood producer that left her broke Nanette had to accept any job that paid well enough for her and her daughter to rent a decent place. And so she came to work for Mr Zoria from Zoria Exports. Although she knew she was capable of doing her job, the 60 year old Zoria had only one thing in mind and when the time came, he made his move.

Just as he was about to take of her pants off, a car drove up the lawn and forced him to change his mind. But missing the chance to have this hot slut was no option so he ordered Nanette to work overtime that day and made his move in the back office a second time. This time there were no distractions and he fucked her as if it was the last pussy he’ll ever have.

Caribean Swingers 
(The Model scene 01)

(Featuring: Francoise, Selina and Carly-Jo)
Hot Parisian model Francoise has been having difficulty getting a job lately. Although she’s been working out extensively, the younger generation seem to stay one step ahead of her. To relax the stress she decides to take a vacation on the Caribbean Island of Martinique where a good friend and ex colleague Selina lives. She met her a few years back in a bar extremely drunk and surrounded by horny guys that were trying to take her home. But Francoise rescued her and got her a job with her agent. Selina modeled for a while until she met Rick the swinger. He introduced her to the world of swingers and moved together to the Caribbean. There they bought a small secluded cottage were they invite other couples and switch partners.

Before Selina met Rick, she and Francoise had a steamy sexual relationship for a while and when Rick came in the picture the bisexual model left for Paris and never saw or heard from her hot girlfriend again. Therefore she was going to surprise her with her presents and barge in while they were doing whatever they were planning.

Selina invited Carly-Jo with her brand new local boyfriend whom both did not have any experience switching partners, but were a bit curious about it. Once there they both started feeling very uncomfortable, especially when Rickj decided to take a nap on the couch. The insecure couple were just thinking about leaving the party when the doorbell rang.

Carly-Jo’s new boyfriend was mesmerized by the presence of the French model who asked if they had any Ecstasy to live up the party. He knew the exact place to go to get some, so he left with the girls leaving Carly-Jo behind with Rick. That was the moment Rick was waiting for the whole night. A chance to have Carly for himself.

He opened her legs widely and licked the clean shaven pussy fearsly. The confused girl did not know what hit her and came hard in his mouth just when they could hear her boyfriend returning with the girls.

After a few pills things were heating up when suddenly the phone rang. It was Francoise’s agent from Paris with great news. He got her the job of a lifetime modeling for a company called Monkastair. He had no specific information on the job, but a limo would be ready to take her to a private plane. And while she still had her mobile on her ear, a big black limo pulled up and she was looking at it thru the large window of the pad. Totally forgetting the fact that her left breast was hanging out, and that she just took a huge Ecstasy pill, she jumped in the limo and left the rest behind.
To be continued...

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