Sunday, 8 November 2015

Boogeyman 3

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40 minutes / Narrated / Historic Script / Amazing Soundtrack

Must see sequel of the Boogeyman series.

The latest sequel of the Boogeyman series, has taken a turn with epic proportions. After almost a year rendering, it was a massive Hardware upgrade that saved the day for this production.

As the first movie to be completely rendered with shadows, and on 30 images per second, for 40 minutes, you can imagine why it has taken almost a year to render. However the recent addition of a 12 core, 32 GB DDR 3 ram, and two massive video cards monster Mac Pro, has been the saviour of the day. This new hardware update has speed up the rendering time for more than 60%. I am now able to render, and animate at the same time.

The script for Boogeyman 3 has been rewritten more than 8 times, and is now considered to be historic. All historic figures used in the movie are real, including dates. The idea here was to write a script that would involve real historic events, which adds to the realism and character building.

Boogeyman 4:
Next to the realism of the historic events involved in number 3, it is also a setup for sequel number 4, which is planned for the end of 2016, and will be the last instalment of the series.

As always, I also did extensive research in order to write this script, which has taken me into some very interesting areas of religion and history. Believe it or not, I have spend a whole afternoon with two real American believers of the book of mormons, and researched many passages of the Bible in order to write the script. At the end of Boogeyman 3 you will be able to read the topics I will be addressing in Boogeyman 4.

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Boogeyman 3
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